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Posted on 09/17/2023
3 Simple ways to decorate your bonus room
Bonus rooms are a major selling point in modern homes, but...
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Posted on 09/10/2023
How to start buying a house: A beginner's guide
With so many steps involved, answering the question of...
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Posted on 09/03/2023
Houseplant Care Guide: How to Get Rid of Whiteflies
Whiteflies are a common pest affecting both houseplants and outdoor gardens. Like many plant pests, whiteflies can damage and even kill your plants if left untreated. Luckily, there are several ways to treat whitefly infestations in your houseplants. Here are some of the most effective methods: Vacuum Whiteflies can be sucked up with a vacuum and disposed of...
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Posted on 08/27/2023
Assessment value & market value: Defining the difference
In the world of real estate, you will hear the terms...
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Posted on 08/20/2023
Your coastal outdoor decor style guide
If you want to bring the beach home, regardless of where...
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Posted on 08/13/2023
Property tax exemption & more: Tax tips for veterans with disabilities
Home ownership comes with plenty of expenses beyond a mortgage. If you're a veteran with disabilities, you may be able to avoid some common costs of owning a home, including paying property taxes. Here is a guide to some of the ways veterans with disabilities can save on their home ownership tax expenses: Property tax exemption Property taxes...
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Posted on 08/06/2023
Home appraisals: How to prepare when taking steps to refinance
Building enough equity in your home to refinance can be...
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Posted on 07/30/2023
Ways to realistically manage your home selling expectations
Deciding to list your home on the real estate market is a...
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Posted on 07/16/2023
Three ways to win a bidding war on your next home purchase
In a competitive housing market, home sellers are fielding...
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Posted on 07/09/2023
Items to sell prior to listing your home
When you start the process of selling your home, there...
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Posted on 07/02/2023
Top items to consider selling before moving
Selling your home and moving away can be stressful....
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Posted on 06/25/2023
Creating your own art studio: Home design tips to inspire
If you love to create, you might have already considered...
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